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2017 (2nd) International Aluminum Deep Processing Industry Chain Development Summit was held, President Cui Lixin attended the forum and delivered a speech

Reporter On November 27, the 2017 (2nd) International Aluminum Deep Processing Industry Chain Development Forum, which is jointly organized by China Hongqiao Group and Shandong Innovation Group, was held in Sanya, Hainan Province. Many well-known experts and scholars from the industry and more than 200 enterprises from 15 countries and regions including China, the United States, Japan, India, Iran and Thailand attended the conference. 500 industry elites were gathered in the beautiful coastal city of Sanya, to exchange hot topics, to study and judge the market trends, explore the new era of aluminum deep processing industrial chain development of new strategies and new ideas.
Chairman of Shandong Weiqiao Venture Group, Chairman of China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd. Zhang Shibing, Vice Chairman of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Wenxian Jun, Chairman of China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association Fan Shunke, Vice Chairman of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Binzhou Chairman of Aluminum Industry Association, Zhang Bo, Chief Executive of China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd., Zheng Shuliang, Vice Chairman of China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd., Executive Vice Chairman of Aluminum Industry Association of Binzhou City, Cui Lixin, Chairman of the Company, Zhang Yanhong, and guests from domestic and aboard attended the forum.
Combined with the current domestic and international aluminum industry situation, Wen Xianjun delivered a detailed analysis of the future development trend of the domestic aluminum industry, he believes that the development of China's aluminum industry has entered into three periods.
Firstly, the industry has entered an important period of development. Proposed by the 19th National Congress, the major social contradictions in our country have been translated into the conflicts between the ever-growing need for a better life and the unbalanced development. While a vital point for demanding such better life is the pursuit of quality living environment, therefore adhering to green development shall be insisted in the new development period of aluminium industry.
Secondly, the industry has entered an important transition period. China is in the midst of a shift from a traditional slowdown in the growth of aluminum consumption to a nascent rise in consumer spending. Even though burgeoning consumption such as packaging, transportation, furniture and other household consumptions are rising while the growth rate of traditional construction consumption is dropped, it requires a nurturing process. Therefore, we must cultivate the market and guide the expansion of consumption. For instance, in order to decrease user costs, aluminium companies would constantly thin the material for cans and thus iron cans are substituted by aluminium cans. Enterprise transformation is to change from simply product provider to study and research with downstream a user, which is to become a solution provider. Manufacturing enterprise should actively adapting such changes.
Thirdly, the industry has entered an important period of opportunity for integration. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the industrial layout has basically completed the pattern of integration. Overcapacity provides the material basis for the industry consolidation and the diversification of the enterprises provides the impetus for the industry consolidation. During the period from the "13th Five-Year Plan" to the "14th Five-Year Plan", the activity for the consolidation of aluminum enterprises has entered to an active phase.
Fan Shunke shared his knowledge and views in three aspects including the main features of China's aluminum processing industry, strengths and weaknesses of aluminum processing industry in Binzhou, and suggestions on the development of aluminum processing in Binzhou. In his speech, he made four suggestions on the development of aluminum processing in Binzhou. In his speech, he made four suggestions on the development of aluminum processing in Binzhou: Firstly, he insisted on market orientation. It is necessary to focus on the people's needs for a better life, expand the use of aluminum in livelihood areas such as aluminum furniture and overpasses, and continuously open up a new blue ocean for aluminum application so as to promote product upgrading. Targeting import substitutions, keeping an eye on scarce domestic products, increasing R & D investment and new products Development efforts; the second is to leverage on the capital market, and achieve leapfrog development. Moreover, qualified enterprises should actively plan the public listing in order to achieve leapfrog development by the capital market. To actively promote mergers and acquisitions so that duplications are prevented. Thirdly, is to strengthen innovation and promote the development of kinetic energy conversion. First of all, the government should strengthen guidance and co-ordination of relevant supportive policies, encourage enterprises to increase R & D investment, and gradually establish national/provincial enterprise technology centers, engineering and technology research centers, key laboratories, academicians/postdoctoral stations and other innovative platforms to form different coverage Level, covering different areas of multi-level technology innovation system; Secondly, we must continue to strengthen vocational skills training for employees, improve the quality of workers, and to lay a solid foundation by improving labor productivity and creating quality products; with particular emphasis on the introduction of outstanding and specialty aluminum processing enterprises to Binzhou, to play a leading role in promoting technology and innovative management, and establish a role model during the process of setting up distinctive features. The last point is to coordinate and cooperate so as to strengthen the cluster advantages. It is necessary to address the ecological structure of industrial clusters in order to fill in the missing elements, and further improve the supporting services to improve coordination and strengthen the advantages of clusters. By 2020, he wishes that Binzhou could form two to three well-known large-scale aluminum processing enterprises and domestic first-class aluminum processing enterprises.
The chairman, Cui Lixin delivered a warm and passionate speech during the welcome banquet. He said: with the refreshing coconut wind, we gathered together in beautiful Sanya for the annual event of the aluminum industry - the Second Summit Forum on the Development of the International Aluminum Processing Industry Chain. On behalf of the organizer of the forum, I would like to extend my warm congratulation on the success of the forum. Ladies and gentlemen, I extend my warmest welcome and best regards to all of you! And I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the Non-ferrous Metal Association leaders and industry colleagues for the cares and supports that you brought to China Hongqiao and Shandong Innovation over the years. Through the forum, aluminium colleagues are deeply inspired, and are excited and confidence about the future development of aluminium industry. With the concerted efforts of our colleagues in the industry, via the facilitation of technical, services and consumption concept innovation, aluminium as the green metal, would play a vital role in building up a better life and win more interiorize spirits. General Secretary Xi Jinping explicitly stated at the 19th Congress a short time ago, that the focus of economic development must be emphasized on the real economy. When talking about the goal of “Two Centenary Goals", the general secretary pointed out that China's economy has shifted from a phase of rapid growth to a period of high-quality development. China Hongqiao and Shandong Innovation are willing to work together with colleagues from all over the world no matter how hard going the process and to make unremitting efforts to promote the high-quality development of China's aluminum industry and realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!
In the special report session, the Ministry of Commerce Trade Remedy Bureau export a director Li Xie, Economic Daily Press president Han Wengao, China Packaging Federation Secretary Zhang Hong Metal Container Committee, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Light Metal Department Director Mo Xinda, Chongqing Wei Bridge Financial Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhu Nan, Beijing Aetna Information Co., Ltd. chief expert Xiong Hui, Beijing Aetna Information Co., Ltd. Director Yao Xizhi and other nine experts and scholars around the "new era Responding to Trade Frictions "" Opportunities and Challenges Faced by China's Economy in the New Era "" Significant Value and Prospect of Aluminum Packaging in Aluminum Deep Processing Industry Chain "" Operational Situation and Analysis of Aluminum Industry "" Serving Industry Finance and Furthering Business Credit "China Aluminum" city mine "development prospects" "2018 aluminum market supply and demand outlook" and other topics made profound explanations and guidance on the special report.
Other guests that presented at the forum were Zhang Jiling, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association, Wu Weiguang, Vice Chairman of China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association, Chairman of Aluminum Processing Enterprise in Malaysia, Chairman Wang Zhixiong of Malaysia Association of Aluminum Products Manufactures, Binzhou Honorary President of Aluminum Industry Association Lang exhibition, Binzhou City Aluminum Industry Association Secretary-General Zhao front and so on.

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