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The Company is short-listed as Shandong Top 100 most valuable brands

On May 9th, the Top 100 Most Valuable Brand Enterprises in Shandong Province was jointly organized by the Shandong Provincial Brand Promotion Association, Shandong University, and Shandong Radio and Television. At the meeting, the Shandong Top 100 Most Valuable Brand Enterprises list was released and Shandong Innovation Metal Technology Co.,Ltd. was selected.  
This year, the "brand high-end" was proposed in the implementation plan for the major new and old kinetic energy conversion projects in Shandong Province. In order to effectively implement the requirements for switching major projects between old and new kinetic energy, according to the actual situation in Shandong Province, it actively collects enterprise data through means of internet, from the company's operating capabilities, market share, technological innovation capabilities, brand reputation, brand stability, corporate social responsibility, Consumer behavior, brand premium capability, brand development potential, social credit, and other dimensions, using social credit platforms, public opinion data platforms, and using big data means, organizing expert demonstrations from related departments, universities and industry associations, meantime introducing Shandong's most valuable products for the first time. The list of the top 100 brand enterprises is to cultivate more Shandong brand enterprises to enter the “China Top 100 Most Valuable Brand Enterprises”.
Shandong Innovation Metals Technology Co., Ltd. has continuously create products and services via innovation, which enables customers to continue to receive the maximum value of the return, and draw on the industry-leading reliable quality, we won unanimous favor of customers. This time, the company was shortlisted as the top 100 list of the most valuable brand companies in Shandong, which is undoubtedly a full recognition of the company's pursuit of superior quality and building a first class brand.

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